1101 South West 12th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33129



Our curriculum and teaching philosophy have four main components:

Spanish Language Enrichment Component:

The dual language program component exposes the children in our pro- grams to two languages, typically Spanish and English. Each class has two certified teachers, one that speaks and teaches the students in English and one that speaks and teaches the students in Spanish.

Hands on Learning:

Research shows that children learn best through play and hands on activities. So, the children are exposed and given opportunities throughout the day to learn through play and hands on learning activities. The children also play and learn in the different learning centers as well. Center time allows the child the opportunity to socialize, use their imagination, draw, paint, manipulate letters and numbers, and to read and write through play.

Structured Curriculum:

Structured curriculum and activities is the other component. Each age group has a curriculum map that highlights most of the concepts that the children will be exposed to. We use a phonics-based approach to teach the children the letters, the sounds, prereading, and reading skills. Children are also exposed to structured pre- writing, writing, and math skills so that the child is exposed and well prepared for Kindergarten upon completion of the program.

Character and Physical Education:

The social and physical component also plays a major role in the early development of a child. We incorporate character education so that the children develop good morals, character, habits, and self- esteem. The children are nurtured and taught to care and respect themselves, others, the environment, and to believe in themselves. We also strive to maintain a strong relationship amongst the home, the school, and the children.

Children participate in daily outdoor activities for their physical and gross motor skill development. Extracurricular activities are provided for an extra fee to encourage and fa- cilitate physical fitness and exposure to different sports, dance, art, music, and other specialty activities so the children can also build on their individual talents.